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Priorities. I believe one of the easiest ways to check your priorities is to look at your bank account. Seeing how you spend your money can show where your priorities lie. Matthew 6:21 (NIV) says, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Where are you storing your treasures? What are truly your priorities? Reading this Scripture can sometimes cause me to reevaulate how I invest my money, time, and resources. I want my treasure to be in the Kingdom and in what the Lord is doing. One great option in Kingdom investment is through investing in Spread the Word (STW). 

STW uses money given by students just like yourself to spread the Gospel around the world! This summer at IYC in Nashville, you will have an awesome opportunity to give to STW! We're challenging everyone at IYC to give $25. Imagine if 4,000 people gave $25 to STW... we would raise $100,000! Imagine the impact that awaits!

Start chunking away your change and be ready to give this summer at IYC! Don't miss it!


Have you heard? The totals are in! Each year, students are challenged to give to STW at conventions or even in their local youth ministry. All proceeds given go to spread the Gospel with others around the globe! In 2013, students stepped up and gave in a BIG way!

In 2013 alone, students gave over $48,000 to make a Kingdom impact through STW! We were blown away at the numbers and are excited to see how God will bless those funds globally!

Still wanting to give? You can always give online. Check out this link:

Also, don't miss the STW Offering taken during IYC this July! We're challenging each student to give $25. Imagine what could emerge if we each invested in the Kingdom? Join us!


Students at Ohio State Youth Convention stepped out in faith tremendously last weekend to raise funds for STW! They collected $3,100 to help spread the Gospel in India! Who will be next? What could happen if we each invested in the Kingdom through STW? Stay tuned for more STW updates!


Check out how students in Indiana made a significant contribution towards STW! This past weekend students at Indiana State Youth Convention (ISYC) were challenged to truly follow Christ in their lives through following, surrendering, exchanging, and living unashamed. 

During the Saturday morning session, students heard about what God is doing in India through STW funds and were challenged to give! 

Drum roll please... ISYC students raised $11,087.86 and exceeded their goal to help fund efforts to spread the Gospel in India! Their investment in the Kingdom is making a difference! What could happen if we each invested in the Kingdom through STW? 

Stay tuned for more STW updates! Have a good week!